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Heavy Duty Dinghies


Bluefin Heavy Duty Dinghies are packed with standard features and designed to meet all your boating needs.

Easily driven and very stable at rest the Heavy Duty Dinghies range covers car toppers and trailerable boats and are the most solidly constructed dinghies available.

Heavy Duty Dinghies are finished in Nyalic clear coat protectant to keep that showroom finish.

Model Length Beam Hull Depth Weight Max HP Bottom Sheets Top Sides Transom Height
HD 2.55 - Scamp 2.55m 1,460mm 580mm ~56kg 5hp 1.6mm 1.6mm Short
HD 3.00 - Scallywag 3.00m 1,480mm 580mm ~60kg 15hp 1.6mm 1.6mm Short
HD 3.40 - Critter 3.40m 1,480mm 580mm ~70kg 15hp 1.6mm 1.6mm Short
HD 3.60 - Rascal 3.60m 1,660mm 665mm ~80kg 20hp 1.6mm 1.6mm Short
HD 3.80 - Varmint 3.80m 1,750mm 720mm ~95kg 25hp 1.6mm 1.6mm Short
HD 4.00 - Outlaw 3.85m 1,850mm 750mm ~115kg 30hp 2.0mm 1.6mm Long
HD 4.20 - Raider 4.20m 1,850mm 750mm ~148kg 40hp 2.0mm 1.6mm Long
Model Bottom Sheets Max HP Min Rec HP Float Motor Weight People People kg People, Luggage & Motor kg
HD 2.55 - Scamp 1.6mm 5hp Level 27kg 3 240kg 297kg
HD 3.00 - Scallywag 1.6mm 15hp Level 48kg 3 240kg 318kg
HD 3.40 - Critter 1.6mm 15hp Level 48kg 3 240kg 318kg
HD 3.60 - Rascal 1.6mm 20hp Level 54kg 3 240kg 324kg
HD 3.80 - Varmint 1.6mm 25hp Level 80kg 4 320kg 440kg
HD 4.00 - Outlaw 2.0mm 30hp Level 100kg 4 320kg 460kg
HD 4.20 - Raider 2.0mm 40hp 25hp Level 110kg 4 320kg 470kg
Large drain bungs
Motor pad
Solid corners
Bow eyes
Fuel tank rack (4.0/ 4.2)
Anchor shelf (excl. 2.55/ 3.0)
Transducer bracket (3.8/ 4.0/ 4.2)
Nyalic Clear Coat Protectant
Rear handles
Grab handles
Rear rails (4.0/ 4.2)
Bow rails (4.0/ 4.2)
Side pockets (excl. 2.55/ 3.0)
Large foam filled bench seats
Drop in floor (4.0/ 4.2)
Bilge pump bracket (3.8/4.0/4.2)
Railblaza starports
Transom step
Chine to chine floor
Side decks fully welded
Drop in floor (2.55-3.8)
Small anchor well (3.8/ 4.0/ 4.2)
Paint and decals
Custom Bluefin trailer
Spray chines
Casting deck with 1 hatch
Cartopper foredeck
Fuel tank rack 93.0/3.4/3.6/3.8)
Checkerplate foredeck