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Bluefin Guarantee


Bluefin Aluminium Boats and Trailers are manufactured to the highest possible standard. Our motto is BUILT WITH PRIDE. Due to our belief in the quality of Bluefin Boats, we proudly offer our customers the BLUEFIN GUARANTEE. Should the structural integrity of a Bluefin Boat suffer from a severe failure* caused by defective materials or workmanship, we will replace your vessel with a brand new one**. Conditions of eligibility do apply*** so please ask your local Bluefin dealer for further information.


*A severe failure to the structural integrity of a Bluefin Boat includes failures such as: cracked hulls, cracked keels, separation of the bottom sheet from the keel or a catastrophic failure of the hull, which would render the boat unusable. This guarantee will not apply where there are minor defects within the vessel, this will be covered by statutory guarantees and our general warranty terms and conditions.

** This guarantee extends over a Bluefin Boat for 3 years from purchase, which is the extent of the warranty period.

*** To be eligible for the Bluefin Guarantee;
The boat must be fitted to a Bluefin custom trailer;

The boat must be returned to Bluefin Boats Pty Ltd by the customer minus any fittings, or if returned with fittings, the customer will be liable for the cost to remove the components not fitted by Bluefin Boats Pty Ltd; The boat must have been used in accordance with Bluefin Boats Pty Ltd’s standard operating guidelines and warranty provisions.