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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Bluefin boat. To keep it in pristine condition please follow some simple guidelines to ensure it looks great for many years to come.


  • Do not use fuels that contain Ethanol. 

  • Ethanol fuels may cause degridation to the fuel system components.

  • Ethanol is a solvent and may cause damage to the underfloor fuel tank.

  • Your boats engine may not be Ethanol compatible.

  • Note: some fuels containing Ethanol are not labelled E10.

Cleaning the inside of your boat; 

  • Wipe all surfaces of the boat with water and use a chamois or soft cloth.

  • Vacuum the carpet to remove any dust, dirt, sand and food stuff.

  • Remove any greasy marks with a mild detergent.

  • Read the instructions on the cleaning label.

  • Ensure you remove any loose tackle like hooks and sinkers from the floor.

  • You may notice some aluminium swarf in the bilge after your first couple of washes, this is normal as it flushes out from those tight areas under the floor.


Care of vinyl and fabric upholstery;

  • Vacuum the upholstery.

  • Gently wipe over with a damp cloth.

  • Remove greasy stains simply by using a mild detergent. Read the instructions on the label.


Care of the outside of boat; 

  • Dirt, dust and salt water picked up from the road or waterways can damage the paint and body of your boat if left over a period of time. Frequent washing is the best way to protect you boat.

  • Wash off outside of the boat with water.

  • Use a chamois or sponge wash the boat from top to bottom, using a mild detergent making shore the detergent is compatible for your painted or unpainted boat.

  • Rinse off thoroughly with water including around fittings and between floor joins.

  • Remove the bungs.

  • Hose out the bilge with fresh water to remove all accumulated dirt and sand. Store boat in garage or cover with a tarp to protect from the elements.

  • **Make sure that the boat is stored with the bow higher than the stern to allow water to drain from the hull.

Helpful Hint

Where possible we have used aluminium rivets for the fitment of items. However it has been necessary to use stainless steel screws for other items. In the factory these have been applied with a protective coating to reduce the impacts of dissimilar metals. It may be beneficial to recoat these areas after a period of time of heavy use. Try products like Lanolin Grease or Tef Gel corrosion inhibitor.


Care of the windscreen;

Your windscreen is manufactured with UV stable cast acrylic and marine grade aluminium chromate treated and powder coated. To prolong your windscreens life

  • Wash with fresh water only and avoid using detergent and chemicals.

  • Keep the screen protected from the sun whenever possible when not in use

  • Cover with a soft cloth / sheet before covering with tarpaulin to prevent scratching.

  • Do not use any of the following to clean your screen; Window cleaning spray, any solution containing ammonia, kitchen scouring compounds, alcohol ,solvents, thinners, acetone, benzene or petrol. Don’t use paper towels, use soft cotton or a chamois. If you’re not sure, don’t use it.

Care of your timber floor;

Your floors are made from a natural product and as such require regular care to keep them in as new condition. The floors will be affected by different levels of humidity and temperature. We ask that you follow these instructions.

  • The floors need to be washed with fresh water after use to remove dirt and or salt from the carpet and joins in the flooring.

  • Any hatches should be left open to allow air flow to assist in drying out the timber, closing the hatched whilst the boat is wet creates a humid environment under the floor.

  • The boat should be stored with the bow higher than the stern to allow the water to drain out of the bilge and out of the carpet.

  • The carpet should be vacuumed when dry to remove sand and dirt.

  • The boat should be stored under cover or have a cover fitted after it is dry.

  • The timber and carpet floors warranty is limited to installation and does not cover the effects of weathering or wear and tear.


Helpful Hint

Should your hatches warp slightly, due to the fact the timber may take time to cure and settle when new, you can press them flat when wet and allow them to dry weighted down.



Some cleaning products can be dangerous. Some are poisonous. Others can burst into flames if you strike a match and drop it on the floor. Some are dangerous if you breathe in the fumes. Remember to read the instructions on the label carefully.

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