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At Bluefin Boats we love hearing about your journey, if you have a great story or picture please share it with us. Below are some of our satisfied customers;

I have just been delivered my new 4mtr Scoundrel side console.. What a amazing surprise i got when it arrived, the paint, build and inclusions quality and attention to detail is outstanding far exceeded my expectations... Thank you.

4.0 Scoundrel 

- Dave Coleridge

I want to make mention of how impressed I am with the BlueFin product.

The finish on the boat is outstanding and it was a real joy to take the boat out for its first run.  As you can probably tell - I'm now a proud Bluefin owner and would like to give you credit for producing such a high quality product.

- 4.2 Rogue

- Simon Zanchetta

It’s a good boat all right, the best I’ve had. Very stable at rest, preforms unbelievably , beautifully fitted out!

-4.15 Drifter Tournament

- Carl Jones

My Bluefin boat is a real surprise! Being only 200mm longer but 200mm wider, it handles the chop and wake from other boats far better than I would have expected, it is very comfortable and has heaps of storage space for two people fishing.

This hull is quieter than my previous hull, smoother on the water, far more stable and a very safe boat indeed. Am I excited? you bet! In the lake it is in it’s element, wide open space to floor it and easy to manoeuvre in the sticks. At speed it turns like a sports car, wow. This really is a well thought out and practical boat, a pleasure to own. I am very impressed!

- Greg Blomfield

I bought a Blue Fin Rascal from dingy World in perth and have had 5 tinnys in my boating life and the Rascal with 18Hp Tohatsu would be THE best all round tinny I have ever owned, the most stable, and on the plane it just sits there no rocking from side to side. Good welds, with a extra rib and the side pockets all a added bonus. LOVE IT.

Very happy camper 

- Colin Simmons

I recently purchased a blue fin tournament drifter sidewinder (4.15)from West City Marine in Wangaratta, Victoria. I have taken it out on our local lakes on two occassions. I find the boat easy to manouvre, excellent to fish out of because it is so stable and it is really a pleasure to be able to share this with a couple of fishing mates. I found Joe Bedendo, proptietor West City Marine, to be very well informed, which really helped me to choose this boat.

 Joe has been a consistent source of knowledge throughout.

- Roger Neate

My 5.25 Escape is epic, perfect layout and performance, and the craftsmanship is beyond anything ive seen before! keep up the awesome boat building!

- Paul Alexander

there is great pride taken in the welding, & all other work aswell,& when i can get photos i will send in. im very pleased so far on what ive seen.& for people wanting to know the 4.30 drifter was my pick in the size range from 4.2 too 4.4 boats in all the brands out there. im very pleased thanks to the Bluefin team & Manning river marine.

- Rick Newell

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