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Bluefin’s Ezi Ride is an innovative hull design that takes our ‘quality in design’ principle to a whole new level.


Ezi Ride provides optimum performance whilst under way to your favourite location.

An increased deadrise, which carries well forward towards the bow, creates a sharper V than traditional hull designs allow. Reverse chines deflect water spray away from the vessel while also generating lift and achieving smoother, faster planing.

All Bluefin hulls are fully pressed for performance and stability. Bluefin designs bring the beam well forward to ensure stability when at rest, particularly when fishing from front casting decks. The larger beam creates more internal space for passenger comfort or for additional storage.

Ezi Ride is testament that Bluefin is leading the way in quality and design.

You know if it’s a Bluefin boat that it’s BUILT WITH PRIDE. 

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